Saturday, 30 April 2011


(Source: TFS)

I came across these images of Daphne and love how raw and laid back they are. Her lips and those eyebrows are such great features.

Onie Messenger

(Source: Citizen Couture)

Saw this picture of Olivia Palermo carrying the gorgeous CC Skye Onie Messenger and immediately fell in love with it. So chic, and I definitely think I could find a way to justify the price. I mean the Australian dollar against the US means I'm practically saving money buying it... right?

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Dammnnn Daria

(Source: FGR)

So many brilliant editorials at the moment and this is just one of them. Daria is killing it in every single one of these photos! I want to be wherever she is...

Streetstyle Crazy

(Sources: Stockholm Streetstyle, STREETFSN, Hannelli)

I've been stockpiling a load of streetstyle photos and have just managed to sort though them. Totally inspired for winter... luckily it's just starting to get chilly.