Sunday, 29 May 2011

Navy Blues

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I've done quite a few coloured lips posts. This is probably due to the fact that I have very large lips so that when I wear bright lipstick I look more like a clown than anything else. So I compensate... by looking at these pictures and dreaming

Lucious Locks

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Unfortunately my hair is not of the relaxed, bed-headed persuasion. Instead, when it dries naturally, it goes thin and frizzy. My sister finds the drying process very amusing. 

If only I could wake up and walk out the door looking like this...


New Room

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By most standards, I am pretty fortunate when it comes to my bedroom. It is a generous size, with a desk that runs the length of one of the walls, a large pinboard covered in my favourite editorials from Harpers, Vogue and RUSSH, a big double bed with white duvet cover and sheets, white walls, dark wood bookshelf and chest of drawers and a freestanding wardrobe. Yes, I guess you can say I'm pretty lucky. Not to mention the metres tall windows that run the length of one wall and look out over our pool and rainforest garden so when the sun shines into the water, the reflections dance about on my ceiling. 

BUT despite all of this, I just can't help wishing these pictures were my bedroom. A canopy for my bed to keep away all the nasty mosquitos (flyscreens are contraband in this household), a blackboard wall to doodle on, a library full of wonderful reads and some fairy lights.

Just what I feel like

It's raining outside. It's still dark. I have a bucket load of study to do and I've come down with a cold. I feel like a super strong coffee and a comfy jumper teamed with my groovy cheetah print Peter Alexander pyjama pants and ugg boots to propel me through the mountain of work to be done. I will make this happen!