Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Preen Fall 2012

I'm usually counting down the days until fashion week begins, hanging out for all the street style pics and stalking the collections on Style.com like it's nobodies business. Lately, however, I've just not been that into it. It really is quite distressing. Perhaps my mind has been on other things (moving, ear infection, packing, uni). But then again, those distractions have never stopped me before. . .

I gave my dilemma some serious thought and came to the conclusion over breakfast this morning (a true 'ah ha' moment). The raison d'ĂȘtre is ... that I'm just not inspired by heavy fall dressing. Being from a warmer climate, it is very rare that I get the opportunity to bundle up in thick coats/scarves/leather/heavy materials. Brisbane has about 1 week a year where it is truly 'cold' (that being, all of 14 degrees maximum). So the majority of my year is spent in thinner (read: breathable) fabrics layered up so that when it hits 25 degrees at lunch time you can strip down to jeans and a tee. 

Consequently, as I've browsed the latest collections, I haven't been that overwhelmed (say, in contrast to the Spring collections where I'm basically having a heart attack at my laptop, furiously right clicking and saving). Aesthetically they are all incredible - there is no doubt about that. But thoughts of 'would I actually wear/buy that?' have been few and far between. 

All bar one... Preen ... I want the entire collection! 

Inspired by Beatrix Potter's botanical illustrations, the fall collection evokes memories of the English country side (perhaps why I adore it so much). Colour blocking and print (2 major trends meshed into one  'procking'??). Autumnal tones. Feminine cuts... Oh such a breath of fresh air. I'll take one of each, thanks!

(Source: FGR)

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