Friday, 20 January 2012

Man Oh Man...

...Karlie Kloss is a mega babe!

 (Karlie Kloss by Heidi Slimane for Vogue Japan)

She was recently slammed by media critics for her editorial in December's Vogue Italia, as a result of the pictures making their way onto pro-anorexia websites. I've seen anorexic - and Karlie's body is far from it! Yes, her ribs are clearly visible but when I'm a slimmer version of my current self, so are mine, and let me tell you - I'm far from a 'dangerous' weight! Whilst she is very slender, her muscle tone is clearly evident - the result of exercise (she was a ballet dancer) and a healthy lifestyle. I think young girls with dangerous aspirations will take inspiration from whatever they can. Whilst print media does have an obligation to ensure they are promoting healthy body images, I think that there are far more dangerous images than this. Meisel's editorial is a work of art. Whilst some of the images are provocative, viewers must keep in mind that the angles used do play a part. When you compare Slimane's editorial with Meisel's, you can see a clear difference - so don't blame Karlie - blame the photographer!

  I'm not very good at expressing my opinion when it comes to what constitutes 'healthy body image' but I think Garance Dore says it best. Check out her blog.

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